CC Beauty Centre’s professional massage therapists will ensure you get the right massage for your body and state of mind. Swedish Massage is the perfect way let your body take your mind away from everyday cares—to revitalise and relax. Choose from three pressures—soft, medium or firm. It’s your massage—so you can choose.

Swedish-based massages for relaxation and wellbeing of the body.

Neck, shoulders & back massage
(30 min)

Neck, shoulder & back candle massage

Full leg & feet massage
(30 min)

Full body massage
(60 min)

Full body candle massage

Aromatherapy body massage
(60 min)

Massage therapies

Hot rock massage
(60 min)

An ancient ritual which involves using the penetrating heat of hot rocks gently placed on chakra points to relax, heal and de-stress the muscles. Benefits of this thermotherapy include relaxation, stress relief, relief of chronic pain and detoxification of the body.

Heated bamboo massage
(60 min)

An ancient modality which incorporates traditional massage benefits and the comfort of heat. It involves using heated bamboo rods of different sizes to knead out knots and relax tense muscles. Benefits of this thermotherapy include stimulated blood circulation, relief of muscular tension and relief of stress.
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