Why Pevonia Botanica?

Because Pevonia Botanica is more than just another product line. Pevonia’s powerful elixirs promote inner improvement rather than just surface changes. Potent extracts from the earth and the sea are combined with exotic aromatherapy essences and cutting-edge Swiss technology.

Pevonia Botanica—the most extensive skin and body line, provides unlimited choices so that every treatment is created just for you. Pevonia products are free of sensitisers, mineral oil, alcohol, artificial colour and fragrance. They are free of petro-chemicals and not tested on animals.

Pevonia Botanica is our first choice because it is as friendly to the earth as it is to the beautiful people who use it.

Essential Line

Dry Skin Line – SEVACTIVE – replenishes dry skin with soothing oils and moisture binders
Sensitive Skin Line –  LAVANDOU – Strengthens the capillaries while soothing and calming
Combination Skin Line – FUNDAMENTAL – Balances excess oil, hydrates and brightens
Oily Skin Line – PURILYS – Purifies, normalises oil secretion and refines skin texture

Rosacea Line

RS2 – Strengthens fragile and inflamed capillaries while soothing redness and inflammation

Special Line

SPECIALE – Exfoliants to refine and refresh the skin and soothing care for sensitized skin

Lightening Line

RADIANCE– Lightens hyper-pigmented areas while brightening and refining skin texture

Eye and Lip Lines

EVOLUTIVE EYE, YOUTHFUL LIP – Strengthens, hydrates and rejuvenates the delicate eye and lip areas

Oxygenating Line

O2PTIMAL – Flushes skin with oxygenating botanicals for a spectacular    “GLOW”

Power  Repair Line

POWER REPAIR – Reduces appearance of lines, firms and tones and refines pores

Caviar Line

MYOXY CAVIAR – Smoothes wrinkles, firms and oxygenates, evident rejuvenation

Sun Line

SOLEIL – Solar protection, sunless tan and after sun repair

For Him

POUR HOMME – Reduces folliculitis and razor burn while refining and rejuvenating

Teen Line

SPA TEEN – Maintain a healthy complexion or clear spots and blemishes, gradual release ingredients

Hands and Feet

CAVIAR HAND & SPA FOOT LINE – Smoothes, rejuvenates and softens hands and feet