Facial treatments

CC Beauty Centre has a wide range of effective facial treatments to suit all skin types. A facial treatment is the perfect way to not only revitalise your skin and give it a beautiful smooth texture, but also to helps you to relax and revitalise. Because of Pevonia Botanica uses only natural extracts from the earth and the sea, it is the natural way for perfect skin, free of harmful ingredients.

Skin intensive

A Gentle skin solution containing extracts from the white hibiscus plant is applied to the skin to loosen dry, dead skin cells revealing a fresher more even and revitalised complexion. Ideal for sun-damaged, pigmented, congested or coarse texture. This skin treatment can be enjoyed as one off treatment. To achieve the greatest results, a series of six weekly treatments is recommended (45 min). 

Special offer: So why not book for six and pay for only five treatments.

Express facial treatment

Ideal for those with limited time who need a quick skin boost and mental refresh (30 min).   

Essential Deep cleansing Facial 

Specially selected facial treatment to suit your skin type, deeply cleanses your skin (60 min).

Skin balancing Facial

Moisture replenishing treatment to suit your skin type will leave your skin refined, calm and soft (60 min).

Aromatherapy Facial

Therapy for the face, body and spirit. Incorporating pure aromatic essential oils (60 min).

Skin Spectacular Facial

Treatments delivering “instant” visible results. Perfect for a special occasion. (75 min)

Caviar Facial

One of the most exciting skin care solutions to slow down skin ageing. (90 min)

Men only Facial treatment

Sensitive/razor/prone to folliculitis treatment. (60 min)